What to Look for When Picking Out Your Next Fire Pit


We’ve all been waiting for the sun to come out so we can enjoy a little more time outdoors. As my clients begin to get their backyard entertaining spaces up and running again, there is almost always talk of a fire pit. There’s just something about gathering around a fire at the end of the evening with some hot chocolate or a glass of wine that’s as warm as the fire itself. With our years of experience selling fire pits, Aquarius Fountains N More has developed a few tips on what to consider when choosing your fire pit,here are five quick tips to consider before you get started.

1. Location, Location, Location – For safety and security, an outdoor fire pit should be at least 10 feet away from the house and shouldn’t be placed on your wooden deck. Some communities have specific requirements about placement in relationship to the house, so check your local city or county website for details.

Next, map out the space you’ll need for the fire pit itself. Outdoor fire pits are generally anywhere between 18 and 48 inches in diameter. You’ll need space for people to sit comfortably around the fire, but remember that people tend to back away from the fire as time progresses. Plan for an additional six to eight feet of space for chairs and movement.

2. All About That Base – Outdoor fire pits come in all kinds of shapes and sizes these days, but they boil down to three base styles:

An actual fire pit is dug into the ground and completed in any of several different finishes (more on that below). These are obviously permanent structures, so plan your backyard layout accordingly.

Coffee table fire pits resemble low tables and, when not in use, they can be covered and used as an actual table.

Raised bowls bring a stylish, artistic element to the space. Whether metal or concrete, deep or shallow, these simple components can be customized for exactly the look you want.

3. Find a Fabulous Finish – You’ll have a lot of choices in terms of materials for your new outdoor fire pit. First, decide whether a mobile or stationary unit is best for your space and the way you entertain.

Mobile fire pits are great when you have the space to move the party, depending on the weather or the view at a particular time of the year. They’re also a great way to try out a fire pit before you invest in a more permanent structure.

Mobile fire pits are almost exclusively made of metal, but can be found with accents and finishes for traditional or contemporary design styles. Rust, patina or paint can be leveraged to customize the look for your particular taste.

Stationary fire pits offer a custom look, and actually become a part of the architecture of the house. Choose a finish that complements the exterior of your home and the outdoor furniture you’ll be using.

Stone finishes that resemble slate, natural stone, limestone or even pavers are a safe and solid choice that works well with traditional or transitional spaces. Concrete bowls are trending these days, and look great in more contemporary spaces with an eco-friendly design.

Bronze, copper and stainless steel have the unique ability to bring a historic vibe, an industrial look or an ultra modern, artistic flair to your outdoor entertainment space. Prefabricated models made of metal tend to serve a more traditional or transitional design style. Talk to a custom metal worker if you’d like to explore a fire pit that also serves as a statement piece in your yard.

4. Fire It Up – Now you’re ready to gather your family and friends and light that fire. We love the smell and sound of an actual wood-burning fire – not to mention the convenience. Most communities have restrictions about whether and when open fires are permitted, so check for those details before you make a decision.

Propane is efficient and super safe, too. It works much like your outdoor grill, with a hose attached to a hidden propane tank. Propane has the added advantage of allowing you to have a little more fun with the contents of the pit. You can cover the propane jet with all kinds of material, from natural and colored gravel to fiberglass crystals in finishes that resemble glass.

5. Precautions – As delightful as an outdoor fire pit is, you should never forget that you’re dealing with open flames. Make sure you have a plan if things get out of hand. A strategically placed fire extinguisher is the best option here. Placing your fire pit near a hose is another great choice. If neither of those is an option, keep a bucket of sand and a bucket of water nearby. A roaring fire is that much more enjoyable when you have confidence that youâre prepared to put it out, whether it spreads from its confines or you’re simply ready to call it a night.

Maintaining a clean fountain enhances its appeal

courtyard_earth_tier-900x900Algae growing in your backyard fountain can clog or damage your pumping equipment and ruin its aesthetic appeal. The best methods for removing algae in small or large outdoor fountains combine mechanical and chemical controls. Physically removing large clumps of algae and treating your fountain water with algaecide provides immediate results and prevents algae from returning to your fountain.


  1. Insert a pool-cleaning net into the water in your fountain until the tip passes the bottom of the algae floating in the water. Position the open side of the net beneath each clump and lift the net so that the algae is contained inside. Dump each clump of algae into a trash bag for disposal and tie off the trash bag.
  2. Check the documentation provided with your fountain to determine its water capacity. Add liquid algaecide concentrate to a quart jar in the amount indicated on the labeling for the amount of water your fountain holds. Dilute the concentrated algaecide using four parts water for every one part algaecide.
  3. Turn on the pump in your fountain and slowly pour the algaecide onto the surface of the water in your fountain. Add algaecide around the outside edges of the fountain until small patches of foam begin to appear on the surface of the water. Continue pouring algaecide into the fountain until you have added the entire mixture to the fountain.
  4. Repeat the process of mixing and pouring the algaecide once every week to ensure that algae does not take hold in your fountain again. During your weekly maintenance, you can use a weaker dosage with only half the algaecide indicated for your fountain.

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Water Features

32-Granite-Cliff-Fountain-LED-Lights-900x900The relaxing sound and sight of water has been appreciated for centuries. As a popular accent of choice in many designs, water features like Rock Waterfalls, Rainforest Log Fountains, Cascade Fountains, or Statuary Fountains can transform ordinary spaces into captivating environments. In addition, they also provide a natural air purifi­er, a humidifi­cation system, and an essential connection to nature.

Studies have found that variations in sounds produced by water can affect your level of relaxation. Consistent bass sounds are relaxing enough to lower your blood pressure and improve your mental health. Further research has shown that sounds emitted from a water feature can also help to reduce unwanted noise levels, increase creative productivity, reduce stress, and accelerate healing processes. Therefore, a water feature can be a perfect addition to create a serene atmosphere or a creative space even in the busiest of cities.

As well as providing benefi­ts through sound and aesthetics, water features can act as highly effective air fi­ltration systems. During warmer seasons, temperatures outside can be unbearable, as well as the energy bills to run air conditioners. The elemental properties of water allow for cooler temperatures in the summer, while also providing a pleasant humidity to the air during dry winter months. Through the natural convection of water in a variety of settings, energy costs can be significantly reduced and thermal comfort can be maintained.

If you want to put something decorative and unique in your front or back garden, but you still don’t know what, the water fountains are great idea. Water fountains are amazing and unique idea that adds more style and interest to creating relaxing environment, landscaping, and cooling effect.

18-Alexander-Log-Fountain-900x900Water, also like fire has a mesmerizing effect on people. In the moment when you listen the water sound splashing in the fountain you will feel a relaxed mood quickly. There are many styles of backyard water fountains like garden or wall fountains, rainforest log fountains, solar and waterfall fountains, inspired by dynamic and floating, antique and classic water fountains for interesting contemporary backyard designs.

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Shouldn’t You Have Your Own Piece Of Outdoor Fire Pit Art?

The modern outdoor activities and entertainment have transformed patios and backyards among Americans. Creating a living room outside the house for pure relaxation and enjoyment concentrates around the fire pit.  A backyard fire pit is an ideal place for family members of the family and friends to gather together to have great conversations, memories and fun.

The traditional design of a fire pit like the hole in the ground with several stones piled around it has already evolved to more attractive and convenient types.

Fire Pit Art

One of these types is created by a skilled metal Artist in Tennessee by the name of Rick Wittrig.  The artist personally creates each fire pit using the metal working skills he originally learned from the Mennonites that he grew up with. He blends art and practicality by cutting and welding steel into a hybrid of practical and artistic forms.

The artist loves sitting outside with friends and his family, especially when the gathering is centered around a fire. He noticed that after using most fire pits for just a few short years, they began to lose their visual appeal and even corroded away. To solve this problem he began creating his own line of fire pits. In doing so, he quickly discovered how much he loved creating an item that could bring people together so intimately. Conversations and spirits intertwine when people gather around a fire, and the artist works hard to ensure that these fire pits will last for a lifetime of fires.

Asia36inch-fire-pit   Each fire pit is shaped by electric arc welding tools. The artist joins the fire pit bowl to its base using an inside weld. Putting the weld inside the base is no easy task but once completed, the reward is a completely smooth joint on the visible outer edge. His attention to detail is unparalleled, and his custom pieces are incomparable to other fire pits in the market. The artist is willing to work with individual pit owners to give them a truly unique custom fire pit. He’s been called upon to make many custom pieces, from designs featuring a Asia  Low Flat Oriental Style to a Funky Dog.


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Tips To Keep Your Fountain Running

  • Get Rid Of The Grime.

Grimy fountain

Dirt and debris wear on the fountain’s surface. Once a month, bail out gritty water (or siphon it off with a wet-dry vac); then wipe the interior with a soft cloth or sponge. Scrub off buildup with vinegar and a soft bristled nylon brush; wipe clean and refill.


  • Fight Buildup.

Each time you refresh the water supply, add a clarifier to deter algae growth and a scale and stain remover, following the label directions on dosage (it depends on your fountain’s capacity). Double the normal amount if you notice algae or scale that persists. In warmer months, when algae grows more readily, add a time-release algaecide in tablet form about once every three weeks.

  • Don’t Let It Run Dry.

Your pump could overheat if the water levels too low, so keep an eye on it, especially if you’ve had a string of hot, dry days.

  • Where I place my outdoor water fountain.

In addition to regular fountain cleaning, there are a few things you can do to ensure your outdoor water fountain doesn’t suffer undue stress or wear and tear from the elements. The trick to finding the perfect spot for your outdoor water fountain is locating a spot that’s visible (there’s no sense hiding the water fountain behind overgrown shrubs), but not in the way of heavy foot traffic. If the water fountain is installed in a particularly dry, dusty area, you’ll be spending more time keeping it clean.

Perhaps you don’t have a backyard or a cottage, but plan on setting up your outdoor fountain on your patio. For people who live in cities and lack their own personal garden space, creating an oasis on the patio is a great idea. Soft pillows, plants, and outdoor water fountains can go a long way in absorbing noise pollution.

No matter where you install your outdoor water fountain, it’s important to keep an eye on it periodically and keep it away from areas where it could become damaged. If you live in a busy neighborhood, make sure your fountain isn’t in the direct path of flying objects such as rogue baseballs, for example.

PumpsFountain pumps are the heart and soul of any indoor or outdoor water fountain. It doesn’t matter what the water fountains are made of, what size they are, or how much they cost. Submersible pumps are what make them tick, or, more accurately, flow.
The secret to keeping your fountain in perfect working condition is in the pump. There’s no big secrecy around it. It’s really just a matter of common sense and basic know-how.
Indoor fountain pumps have somewhat different maintenance needs than their outdoor  counterparts. For example, outdoor fountain pumps are more susceptible to becoming clogged with debris blown into the fountain by Mother Nature herself. They need to be taken right out of the fountain and periodically cleaned. That means that all debris (dirt, sand, leaves, grass, etc) should we wiped out of the fountain regularly. Indoor fountain pumps aren’t exposed to harsh weather conditions, but may need to be adjusted or calibrated slightly (depending on the style of fountain) to adjust the noise level and make the most of the harmonious water sounds coming from the fountain.

It should be noted that indoor and outdoor water fountains are virtually maintenance free leaving minimal work on fountain pumps. However, the small amount of work required should be done to keep the fountain working effectively.

  • Will my outdoor fountain blow over in heavy winds?

You can seal the top of the outdoor water fountain to the basin if you have heavy winds in your area. You can use the sealant, Silicone II, which is sold at any hardware store.
Step 1) Level your fountain first.
Step 2) Silicone the bottom of the top piece by tipping the fountain gently, and then filling all the openings with silicone when you set the fountain down. Silicone II acts as an adhesive and has been proven to hold 800 lbs of water.

  • What do I do if I have a leak in my fountain?  

If the base leaks without a visible crack, please let the fountain sit for one week and the crack will appear white. This is to test that a crack exists. Always keep water in outdoor water fountains ¾ full as it does evaporate!  A pinhole leak can be covered up with Clear Silicone II on the inside of the piece.  (This applies to fiberglass or stone fountains)

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Tips for Installing a Garden Fountain

Sunnydaze Lighted Stone Springs Outdoor FountainA beautiful garden can turn into an oasis with the help of a garden fountain. While plants can add to the visual beauty of a yard and enhance the sense of smell, a trickling fountain nearby adds a nice dramatic focal point in the garden, as well as provide the soothing sound of gently flowing water that adds an aural atmosphere that’s quite soothing. If you’ve thought of installing a fountain in your garden but weren’t sure how to go about doing so, here’s some advice on putting in a fountain to get you started.

When you’re operating with things that plug into an outlet to work, you won’t need to seek help from an electrician, so installing most garden fountains isn’t too difficult. But you will want to keep some tips here in mind for a low-maintenance, calming and beautiful new presence to your garden with the help of a fountain.

First, you’ll want to be near an outlet. It’s recommended that you use a GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupter) outlet for your fountain. These outlets will cut out if they come into contact with water or experience a power surge, making them much safer than a regular outlet. Since you’re dealing with water here, a GFCI isn’t required, but highly recommended for safety.

For those of you who do not have electricity near by Solar powered water fountains run water without the use of electricity. Using the sun’s energy, they’re powered by a solar panel built onto the fountain that receives energy from direct sunlight. There are also solar fountains that offer panels that can be placed several feet from the water fountain. This type of water fountain can be placed in a shaded area as long as the panels are receiving direct sunlight.

What fountain is right for your yard? There are so many different kinds, from wall fountains to statuary fountains, to simple urn fountains. A wall fountain will save space, but make sure it’s secure: once you fill it with the necessary amount of water, you’re sure to double its weight. If you go with a wall fountain, using a wall anchor to hold it in place will keep your fountain secure with its water weight.

Urn fountains are beautiful in their simplicity: featuring what looks to be a standard urn, water trickles infinitely from its overflowing surface. But beware that the water source isn’t infinite: because so much water is exposed to sunlight with these fountains, you will have to make sure to check for evaporation so that it doesn’t run dry.

What kind of water pump should you use for your fountain? Water pumps vary depending on how much water flow you require, so in most cases a smaller pump will work fine for a peaceful trickling in your garden. There are even pumps that have two or more different speed settings, so you can have some options.

Here is an example of a fountain installation:

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Water is an essential element of life.

And, while an outdoor water feature may not be absolutely essential to life, it certainly enhances it. Creative water features are significant yet subtle touches to enhance an otherwise ordinary backyard. Some of the popular water features such as fountains, rock waterfalls and garden fountains add perfectly to that oasis atmosphere and scenery of your backyard living space. Water feature creativity is really only limited to your imagination.   34inchSlickRock

For your outdoor space, there are numerous options to choose from, such as dazzling rock waterfalls used to reflect the greenery in your garden, to more contemporary looking water features including floating sphere fountains, flowing bowl fountain, statuary fountains, and more. Water features in your outdoor living space will add a touch of elegance to your home. With a water features, you can be the envy of all your friends and neighbors. Add fun, relaxation and luxury together with exciting water features in your outdoor living oasis.

    From large, dramatic tier fountains and rock waterfalls, to serene, peaceful ponds, Aquarius Fountains N More is pleased to offer a wide variety of spectacular water features. So, go ahead and take the plunge! By adding a water feature, you will not only delight in your newfound private oasis, but also add peace and serenity to your garden, patio, deck or landscaped area.

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Outdoor Décor with European Flair


People have been decorating gardens throughout the world for thousands of years. Most of the decorating has involved simple, natural decor but some civilizations and cultures managed to turn the decorating of the garden into an art form. Although garden statues and careful pruning have beautified many a backyard, many of the most impressive gardens can be found in Europe. Sculptures for garden were limited to the clergy and nobility for much of post-Roman European history until the Italian Renaissance. As sculpting and other art forms flourished, merchants and well to do families placed fantastic statues in their gardens, including beautiful stone Butterfly fairy statues.  This garden decorating trend spread throughout much of Europe and may have reached its zenith during the Victorian era.

The United Kingdom took center stage as the most powerful nation during this time period and demonstrated wealth, knowledge, and prestige with estates and homes that had some of the most stunning gardens in history. Dozens of breathtaking statues decorated Victorian yards along with outdoor garden water fountains and the occasional bronze statues. Many of these sculptures can still be seen to this day, some on private estates and others on the grounds of museums and castles. Advances in the materials used to make resin garden statues have also made it possible to decorate your backyard with the same type of regal sculptures.  Add the same sort of classic European flair to your place with statues like the Lady Iris Statue, or the Bust of Apollo Statue.

153-SnuggleBunnies-SS-GrayWhen shopping for garden statuary, we all want to find the best sculptures for the lowest prices. That can be a tough, time consuming endeavor when you restrict the shopping to malls, plazas, and other brick and mortar stores. However, shop for garden statues online at Aquarius Fountains N More and you are always going to find the very best in sculptures for the backyard and business at excellent prices. For example, all it takes is one quick look at our Statue page for garden statuary to see that we don’t just cut prices on a few old statues.

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Top Outdoor Living Trends for 2013 Identified


     American homeowners increasingly are drawn to adding outdoor rooms for entertaining and recreation on their properties, according to the 2013 Residential Landscape Architecture Trends survey conducted by the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA). The results also show demand for both sustainable and low-maintenance design.

     Landscape architects who specialize in residential design were asked to rate the popularity of a variety of residential outdoor design elements. The category of outdoor living spaces, defined as kitchens and entertainment spaces, received a 94.5% rating as somewhat or very popular. It all but tied with gardens and landscaped spaces at 94.4%.

  • Popular outdoor-room elements


Across all categories, 97% of respondents rated fire pits and fireplaces as somewhat or very in-demand, followed by grills (96.3%), seating and dining areas (96.3%), and lighting (95.1%).







 Decorative water elements—including waterfalls, ornamental pools, fountains and splash pools -were predicted to be idemand for home landscapes (90.9%). Spas (81.5%) and pools (75.3%) are also expected to be popular.

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Extend your Outdoor living space this Fall with a Fire Pit


Growing up our family used to spend many a nights in the fall around a fire Pit. A home’s living space can be extended to the backyard with swimming pools, decks, patios, outdoor kitchens and fireplaces and fire pits. Today, I thought I would explore some fire pit options.

Today’s Fire Pit

Fire pit fuels vary, but generally they are either wood or propane.  Propane cannot match the beauty of the crackling of a natural wood fire, but a propane fire pit is much easier, safer and a cleaner fire. Today, many families are opting for propane instead of wood.

There are two different types of Fire Pits; one is fueled by wood and the other by gas.  Gas Fire Pits are much easier to start and maintain, however the potential drawbacks of using a gas fire pit is that it can be more expensive to run.  Wood fueled fire pits can be less expensive to run.  If you live in a wooded area, it may be easier for you to simply go around and collect some firewood from time to time. This will provide you with a free way to enjoy a nice fire in your back yard or patio.

Want to add some life to an otherwise dull party then a fire pit is what you need perfect for sipping wine and gossiping with the girls or for chugging beers and talking sports with the guys or even to just make smores with kids whatever the occasion a fire pit is a perfect fit even for those romantic nights, what is more romantic then sipping wine with your spouse while watching the sunset with the sound of crackling fire in the background. So let us at Aquarius Fountains N More make this a reality for you.